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More than likely if you are reading this article either you or a loved one have been in a Phoenix car accident and may be looking for a better mouse trap when it comes to the healthcare that you are currently receiving. First and foremost almost all patients do not get well fast enough in their own mind. When dealing with auto injury cases there are a lot of forces that are imparted to your body and the amount of damage your body sustains is directly proportionate to the force and speed by which your vehicle is hit and your body type. It makes sense that woman of approximately 5” 4” weighing 127 lbs is not going to do as well as a guy that if 5’ 10” weighing 200 lbs.

Your Size and Position Does Matter in Car Accidents

Whiplash Pain Treatment

Whiplash Pain Treatment

My point being there are no set parameters on healing time and how any one person will be affected. Even your body position can be a determinate. For example if you were looking over at the radio and your head was turned a few degrees to the right at the time of impact your injuries more than likely will be worse than if at the time of impact you were just looking forward.

The American Medical Association agrees with Manipulation Following A Car Collision

Even the American Medical Association agrees that massage and manipulation are the best course of medical action following a car accident. However different accidents cause different injuries and sometimes these injuries do not respond to conservative as fast as your medical doctor, chiropractor or physical therapist would like them to.

This Is Where West Valley Pain Solutions Can Help The Most.

West Valley Pain Solutions is set up specifically to help motor vehicle accident victims who might not be responding to conservative care and this is more than likely due to inflammation at several different levels.

So if you have been involved in a car accident and you feel your conservative care is not working as fast as you think it should discuss a referral from your current healthcare provider and we can get you set up for an examination with one of our interventional pain management doctors.

West Valley Pain Solutions staff and doctor are well versed in all medical and legal aspects of your car accident and cater to both your healthcare provider and your legal representative.

We also can accept you for interventional health care even if you do not have an attorney or chiropractor.


These are the treatments available for car accident and other motor vehicle accident injuries

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