Neck Pain

Neck pain treatment is quite popular at West Valley Pain Solutions.

We have noticed that neck pain is somewhat more common in women, but men also experience neck pain at some point in their life.
There are too many causes of neck pain to describe here but they are always divided into two categories acute and chronic neck pain. Acute pain happens suddenly and typically diminishes or disappears less than three months. If you have acute neck pain our doctors will investigate a possible facet syndrome, acute muscle strain, or traumatic injury like whiplash scenarios.
On the other hand if your neck pain has lasted more than three months you have chronic neck pain and although this can be caused by a myriad of circumstances our pain management specialists will look to the source of your pain which could be due to spinal joint irritation (Facet Joint irritation), disc involvement, ligament dysfunction, and everyday musculoskeletal sources.

We work with you and your doctors and legal representatives to get you the best and quickest solution to your neck pain!

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